Monday, November 26, 2007

Beauty Review: Dr. Graf Skin Deep & Dr. Brandt Lasertight


Here are a couple review of products used by the over 40 set and what I think of them (for what it’ worth). I’ve used them each several times, followed directions and carefully noted results.

Dr. Brandt Laser in a Bottle–Lasertight
OK, first of all, yikes! The pricetag for this stuff at most retail outlets will be over $100.00. You can find it cheaper on the web, but it’s still a lot of money for the quantity. That said, I have used a few pricey products over the years that are worth the money (or close to it, anyway). I’m not a bargain-hunter per se, but I do know that a lot of ingredients in these pricey products are the same stuff in the drugstore brands. However, they do also usually contain higher priced ingredients. The real “ingredient” you’re paying for is the packaging, marketing, etc.

Dr. Brandt Lasertight is a delicate pink liquid dispensed from a pump bottle in tiny amounts. Purported to firm using antioxidants and sweet pea extract (?), it should be applied on freshly cleansed skin. It is a treatment product and should be set right on top of the skin (not over other creams, etc.). Now it will firm a bit and it does feel nice going on, but really after several uses, I didn’t notice much. Even while I had it on, it wasn’t nearly as firming feeling as some other (cheaper I might add) products I’ve used. It's not bad and I do use it now and then when I feel I need extra firming...but for that price I probably won't repurchase.

Another product I’ve used recently that I really like is Dr. Jeanette Graf Skin Deep. This stuff comes in a plain white jar–no frills packaging. It’s a murky luminous gel consistency and has no real defining smell. It is meant as a super peptide product that helps reduce wrinkles. Now, I don’t really have many wrinkles (yet) as my problem is more with firming and toning my skin. I do, however, have a few on my forhead plus a tiny crease at the top of one of my cheeks (not sure the cause–a loss of collagen and fullness in this little, tiny spot).

I applied this one night to freshly cleansed skin and went to bed not thinking it was really up to much. It was moisturizing and as I live in desert, I need a good amount of moisture. I did immediately feel it on my face but after a few minutes it felt that it had sunk in to do it’s job. It was a pleasant surprise when I looked in the mirror in the morning and saw glowing, moisturized, plump skin. Even the little divet in my cheek was less noticeable. I’ve tried lots of stuff to reduce that little divet and this stuff actually seemed to do it. Needless to say, I’m hooked on this stuff.

I bought it on ebay as a set with another product I wanted. It wasn’t something I thought I’d get much use out of (happy surprise!). It sells at and when I went to do more research on it and read it’s reviews, it’s clear my experience is not unique. It has a devoted following. I rarely come across products I’d actually re-purchase (so many are over-hyped and end up unused or tossed). This is one of those products I'd actually consider purchasing again. Dr. Graf has a couple other I also like that I’ll talk about another time.

Hope my info helps you. If you have a product question, please email me. I’m happy to give you my thoughts:

‘Til next time….

**Note: I offer these opinions based on my own experiences. I have no affiliation with any of the companies or products I review.

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