Monday, November 26, 2007

Take 10 Years Off: The Best Exfoliation Method

I've tried them all: microdermabrasion (at home, salon and physician office types), scrubs, peel, gommage, fruit acids, milk acids, etc., etc. The best I've found so far has to be the chemical (glycolic) peel. There are other types of chemical peel (AHA, Jessner, TCA, etc.), but for me it's glycolic all the way. Why?

It's cheap, it's easy, result appear immediately and are cumulative, little irritation and/or peeling occurs (when done correctly), and it's readily available. I buy mine online and work with either a mixable formula where I can dilute or strengthen the formula based of the activator used or a straight 40% or 50% glycolic. Don't use anything stronger on your facial skin. You just don't need it and it can cause burns and scarring. The ebay glycolics of 70% or more are for your body skin (heels and other tough skin areas) and should NOT be used on your face.

I'm not going to go into the exact specifics of the usage of this product, as the type of product usage may vary. Suffice it to say, start with a low percentage (10% or 20%) and build. Trust me on this. It will be gentler on your skin and your results will be more satisfactory. Work up to a 40-50% strength. Do it once a week for about 6 weeks then take a break for at least 2 weeks. If you do this correctly, take your time to build up strength and time you leave it on your skin (start at one minute or LESS!), and do it consistently, you will have absolutely GLOWING skin! Believe it.

All the scrubs, mits, etc., do not measure up to the good old glycolic peel. It can alleviate acne (I've seen it with my own eyes--a severe case turned into a sparse couple of pimples within about 4 weeks), elderly skin is less wrinkled, middle-aged skin looks like it is 20 again. Truly the best canvas for anything else you're going to put on your skin!

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